The 500 Enjoy is increasingly flexible and appropriate for you. With the new daily rates you can now rent for up to 15 days in a row and go away for a business trip, a vacation, or a weekend out of town, or just get around town in perfect freedom.
Save on rentals.
Renting an Enjoy 500 for several days is more advantageous.
Fill up for free all over Italy
When the tank is less than 30% full, you can fill it up for free at more than 700 Eni Stations all over Italy, and get a 5€ voucher for your future rentals at the same time.
A safe trip
The new daily rates include full insurance coverage. To find out more click here.
More miles
The daily rental price includes a 50 km allowance, to be used as you like during the entire rental period.
Cheap and easy
You can park and drive in Limited Traffic Zones (ZTL) free-of-charge in the city you start off from.
With the pre-paid flat rate, you have already paid the total rental cost even before you drive off.*
A simple start
You can rent Enjoy 500 wherever you are, without having to go to a particular place.
A convenient return
You can leave the car anywhere you like in the city where your rental started without having to fill the tank up.
For all the terms and conditions relating to the Enjoy service, consult the "Terms and Privacy" section