Stay one step ahead of your commitments.
Rent an Enjoy with the new hourly booking option.
Choose how long to book your Enjoy:
you can book your vehicle for 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours, or until the following morning.
Make your journeys even more convenient with the Enjoy hourly booking option.
In addition to the free 20-minute booking and an additional 70 minutes at €0.19 per minute, you have the option to book any vehicle from the Enjoy fleet for 1, 2, 3, or 4 consecutive hours at a cost of 2€ per hour. In addition, starting from 9:00 pm, you can book your Enjoy until 8:00 am the following morning at a prepaid fixed rate of just 7€. And if you don't reach the vehicle within the selected booking hours, you'll have an extra 30 minutes to unlock it at a cost of 0.05€ per minute.

This way, you'll always have an Enjoy vehicle available for your needs, and you’ll always find it when you need it.
Convenient, isn't it? Here are some examples:
Go to the cinema or theatre with an Enjoy and book it for the entire duration of your evening, then return home with the same car.
Need to go to the airport early in the morning? Book the nearest Enjoy to you the day before.
Book your Enjoy to commute to the office the following morning.
Travel by train and pre-book your Enjoy for your arrival at the destination station.
Catch a flight and pre-book your Enjoy before boarding, so it's ready for you upon arrival.
Book your Enjoy Cargo at lunchtime, go and buy your new desk at 3:00 pm, and when you’re done, the vehicle will still be there waiting for you.
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