Can I refuel Enjoy vehicles?
In all cities where the service is available, you can only refuel Enjoy Fiat 500 vehicles with a fuel level below 30% (the fuel level is indicated in the vehicle information during the booking process) and only if you have spent at least €10 on rentals since you registered with Enjoy. Every time you fill up the tank, you will receive a €5 voucher to use for your rentals and Enjoy will pay the whole cost of the fuel. But first you need to update your app to the latest version. For more information, read the instructions.
Which payment cards are accepted by Enjoy?
Currently the service only accepts American Express, MasterCard and Visa credit cards enabled for online payment. Your card data will be securely stored by CartaSi using the best available security technology, including 3D Secure fraud prevention systems developed by American Express (SafeKey), MasterCard (MasterCard SecureCode) and Visa (Verified by Visa).
I can't register because of my card's security code, what should I do?
Check that your payment card is accepted by the service and is registered on your card association's website: American Express (SafeKey), MasterCard (MasterCard SecureCode) and Visa (Verified by Visa). If the problem persists, contact your bank for more information.
Can I edit my personal details?
Personal data entered when you registered to the Enjoy service cannot be edited by logging into your private area. Contact us through our official social media channels or via the Customer Service to resolve your problem.

If you want to change your current email address, simply log into your user profile on the website or from the app, go to the "Personal profile" section and under "Email address" click on "Change email".

You will be prompted to enter your new email address in the corresponding field and confirm the operation. You will receive an email confirmation at your old address and an activation email at your new address.

You can perform these and many other actions from your Enjoy personal profile. For more information, read the instructions.
What can I do if the app becomes unresponsive?
Check the data coverage of your device. If the problem persists, close and reopen the app. If the app is still unresponsive and you have an active booking, please contact the Enjoy Customer Service to prevent being charged any booking fee linked to the technical glitch.
How much does it cost to rent a car?
The per-minute rate is €0.25 and the daily rate for 24 consecutive hours of rental is €50. In both cases, after you exceed the maximum limit of 50 km, the rate is €0.25 for every additional km. For more information, see the rates page.
When does the daily rate kick in?
Once the cost of your rental reaches the daily rate of €50 (in any case after 3 hours and 20 minutes of use).

But remember that after you exceed the maximum limit of 50 km, the rate of €0.25 is applied to every additional km that you travel.
The daily rate is applied to each individual rental. You cannot release a vehicle and take advantage of the same daily rate by renting again (the same vehicle or a different one).

For more information, see the rates page.
How do I request a refund?
Contact us through our official social media channels or via the Customer Service and provide all the details that will allow us to check the validity of your request and proceed with reimbursement.
Why have I been charged a penalty?
Penalties are charged as a result of conduct that does not conform to the General Conditions for use of the Enjoy service. For example, leaving the vehicle in non-permitted areas and/or private car parks not reserved for Enjoy, smoking onboard or transporting animals.
For further details, see the complete Regulations.
How much does Enjoy Parking cost?
  • Rome Termini €4
  • Rome Villa Borghese free
  • Milan Linate Airport €4.50
  • Rome Fiumicino Airport €9,50
  • Rome Ciampino Airport €4,50
  • Catania Fontanarossa Airport €4,50
You will be charged the Enjoy Parking fee when you collect a vehicle from the parking area, and when you leave it there. The charge is displayed on your final rental receipt.
What if I can't end the rental even if I'm inside the service coverage area?
If you find yourself in an area where the signal is weak and the vehicle's location cannot be pinpointed, move it elsewhere and try to end the rental again. If the problem persists, contact the Enjoy Customer Service.