With Enjoy subscriptions, your rentals are cheaper.
Choose the plan that suits you best and climb on board Enjoy.
With our monthly subscriptions, you get discounts and more affordable rates compared to per-minute rentals.
Enjoy the benefits of a convenient monthly rate tailored to your rentals.
No unlocking fee
Rent without the extra cost of 1€ to access the vehicle.
Automatic renewal
Enjoy subscription is worry-free. You choose your plan, and we take care of the rest.
Subscribe to Enjoy and save.
Make the most of your monthly credit: you have minutes available that you can use as you please, within the month, for your per-minute rate rentals. You can also use your subscription to cover any extra minutes of your hourly or daily rate rentals, if you exceed the maximum time indicated in the chosen prepaid rate. At the end of the period, the subscription automatically renews, without worries.
Travel in total comfort.
With our monthly subscription plans you can drive the Enjoy fleet in complete freedom: you have free access to many restricted traffic zones (ZTL), and you don't have to pay for insurance, road tax, blue-zone parking fees, or fuel.
Everything is always at your fingertips through the App: in your wallet, you can check the status of your subscription and the remaining minutes available for your rentals at any time.
Please note that Cargo vehicles are not included in the subscription at this time.
For every need, including yours.
Find the plan that suits you best. You can switch between plans at each renewal.
Basic Plan
100 minutes per month
Save 9€
Free unlocking
Maximum 24-hour rate at 39€
Price 20€/month
Smart Plan
300 minutes per month
Save 30€
Free unlocking
Maximum 24-hour rate at 39€
Price 57€/month
Premium Plan
500 minutes per month
Save 55€
Free unlocking
Maximum 24-hour rate at 39€
Price 90€/month
Read the frequently asked questions:
Are there any extra costs for the subscription?
With each rental started with your subscription plan you will have 50 km included, after which you will be charged the standard rate of 0.29€ for each excess kilometre.
What are the benefits of the subscription?
You will not pay one euro for unlocking the car at each rental. Moreover, compared to the standard per – minutes rate of 0.29/min you will also save, from 0.09€/minute for the Base Plan to 0.11€ for the Premium Plan. The total monthly savings range from 9€ for the Base Plan to 55€ for the Premium Plan. Additionally, the maximum daily rate for 24 consecutive rental hours (applicable after exceeding 4 hours of rental at the per-minute rate) is only 39€ instead of 69€, excluding additional km. The subscription renewal is automatic, and you don’t have to worry about anything. And you can cancel it anytime you want.
When is the monthly renewal payment processed?
The monthly charge for renewal is processed in advance, 58 hours before the date when the next renewal will be effective (e.g. if you subscribed to the plan on 6th of February, the renewal will start on 6th of March and the payment will be processed on 3rd of March, subject to the availability of your payment method). The subscription fee will be automatically charged to one of the payment methods registered on the App, prioritising the default method, without requiring any additional action from you. Always ensure that you have sufficient funds available on at least one of your payment methods. Otherwise, your subscription risks being cancelled.
How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription by going to the app and clicking on “Cancel subscription”. The cancellation will take effect from the expiration date of the current monthly subscription plan.
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