Renting an Enjoy Fiat Doblò in Bologna is now even easier. You’ll find them all in the Enjoy Cargo Stations.

Discover the car parks reserved for Enjoy Fiat Doblòs. Everything is still the same, only the place has changed. Start and end your rentals only in the dedicated areas: you’ll find them inside Eni Live Stations. Look for the closest one on the map.

In addition, if necessary, you can park your personal vehicle for free in the Enjoy areas for the entire duration of your rental (maximum 1 private vehicle per rental).

Book your Enjoy Fiat Doblò

Go to the Enjoy Cargo Station

Park your personal vehicle if necessary

Use your Enjoy Fiat Doblò

End the rental in the same or in another Enjoy Cargo Station

Collect your personal vehicle

Moving house or new furniture? Do you have to move bulky items and need more space?

Use the convenience of the maxi Enjoy Fiat Doblò. Now you know exactly where to find them.

Do want to find out all the details about how to use Enjoy vehicles?